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Lincoln Military Housing - San Diego

Providing Diverse Services for All Property Types

Recognizing that each commercial property type requires a unique and specific service mission, Landsystems offers a wide range of landscape service capabilities. Our highly trained staff is proficient in each service category that we offer including:

In executing these services, Landsystems takes great pride in the professional appearance and attitude of our personnel and puts emphasis on a safety program that is second to none. Each employee understands our company’s commitment to service excellence, and executes this mission during all phases of the service relationship process.

To Our Staff Presentation Matters

Presentation is important. Our large fleet of trucks, trailers and gardening tools adhere to a strict preventative maintenance schedule, and are cleaned prior to each work day departure from the service yard. All personnel are properly uniformed at all times. Landsystems recognizes that we are a direct extension of the properties we maintain, and extend our representation appropriately.

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