Landsystems | Company History
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Company History

Land system's white pickup truck

A Short History of Landsystems

Landsystems was founded in 1999 by Stu Frederick, a self-proclaimed plant lover with a vision for providing “true” horticultural expertise to the commercial landscape industry. Mr. Frederick has held senior management positions with some of the most prominent service companies in existence. It was critical to Mr. Frederick that this expertise could be delivered by systems and procedures that were capable of maintaining exceptional service levels for each and every client, with consistency. Landscaping services were not merely sold; long term relationships and professional service commitments were established.

In recent history, Lewis Metheny has joined the team and under his leadership has branched Landsystems out to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. Lewis has help grow the team from the ground up and establish their roots in Dallas. The team is actively pursuing opportunities in the region.

The Leadership Team

A strong principle of the company has always been to recruit and retain the most skilled and passionate team members available, who possess the common philosophy of providing clients extraordinary customer service. This strategy apparently worked, since Landsystems has maintained an annual client retention rate exceeding 94% since existence. Recently, the company was named as a finalist by The San Diego Business Journal’s “Best Companies to Work for in San Diego”, and is currently ranked as the 6th largest commercial maintenance provider in San Diego County.

Our Secret to Success

Landsystems continues to build upon this history and foundation with never-ending refinements to the service delivery process. Technology allows the company to continually add service benefits to our clients at no additional cost to them. With continued recruitment of key personnel and a dedicated search for clients with uncompromising expectations, Landsystems expects to thrive as a premiere provider of landscape services for many years to come.