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Carmel Valley Corporate Center - Carmel Valley

Process Driven. Results Focused

This is our credo as we strive to be the best choice in commercial landscape management. We work toward this goal with field systems and maintenance procedures that ensure our success on each and every property.

We Put Horticulture First

Maintenance tasks are performed using a “best practices” format, appropriate to each climate zone and property type. This means that the maintenance procedures are custom tailored to the grounds of each property. On every site we perform an initial horticultural evaluation and safety inspection, evaluate the irrigation system for plant compatibility and efficiency, and document all findings for customer review.

Committed to Service with Accountability

During our contract period, all field requests are documented by our customer service department as an “open ticket”, and assigned to a Landsystems representative for execution. Each ticket is then electronically filed so we can capture and monitor project details and review current work status. Upon completion of each item, the ticket is closed and our customers are notified with complete details and findings.

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